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Acceptance: what next?

  • Step 1: The Editorial Office will request files and figures in the correct format, if these have not already been supplied
  • Step 2: Your paper will be copyedited, and the copyeditor will contact you with any queries that arise
  • Step 3: Your paper will be sent for typesetting. You will receive an email from our publisher, Springer, around this time. Failure to respond to this email will result in dispatch of your proofs being delayed
  • Step 4: An electronic proof (URL) is sent to the corresponding author. Corrections should be returned within 48 h
  • Step 5: Your proofs will be read by a proofreader, and the Editorial Office will contact you if any queries arise
  • Step 6: Once the proofs have been corrected your paper will be published online. See Online First
  • Step 7: Once papers have been published online they will be assigned to a print issue of the journal
  • Step 8: Your article appears in print
  • Step 9: You will receive an electronic offprint (pdf) free of charge. You will have the opportunity to order additional printed offprints during step 3.