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How to submit to Diabetologia

Before preparing a paper, authors should consult the Instructions to Authors to ascertain the general format required, such as the permitted length/word count for different article types.

Prepare a covering letter to the editor Professor Sally Marshall
The covering letter is a key part of an Editor's appraisal of a paper. It should say why the study was done, what it showed and why it might be interesting to the readers of Diabetologia. In their covering letter authors should notify the Editor of any potentially overlapping papers in preparation, submission or published. Failure to disclose such information is considered grounds for automatic rejection.

Online submissions

Before you log into the online submission system, please have to hand the following:

  • Your covering letter
  • A full title page (if it is not included in your main file), including word count
  • Full names, affiliations and email addresses for all your co-authors
  • A completed checklist, if applicable - your paper will be unsubmitted if you do not include one
    • Preclinical checklist for preclinical studies in animal models, cells, islets or in vitro or ex vivo models. If your study involves human participants, please select the most appropriate checklist from those below
    • STROBE checklist for observational studies (cohort, case-control, or cross-sectional designs)
    • STREGA checklist for genetic association studies
    • CONSORT checklist for reports of randomised controlled trials (RCTs), along with the original trial protocol (English language) and statistical analyses
    • PRISMA checklist for systematic reviews or meta-analyses of randomised controlled trials
    • MOOSE checklist for systematic reviews or meta-analyses of observational studies in epidemiology
    • RECORD checklist or STROBE checklist for database studies or studies of routinely collected health data
  • A Word or PDF version of your manuscript
  • For submissions of original articles, short communications, systematic reviews and meta analyses, ensure that you have included a Research in context summary (<200 words) below the abstract
  • If they aren't included in your Word/PDF file, all the figures and tables for your paper
  • Any supplementary material, including a PDF or Powerpoint file containing uncropped and unedited gels/images if the article contains cropped gels, western blots or immunofluorescence images (see Data integrity)
  • Details of funding (name of funding body and grant/award number)
  • Clinical trial registration number, if applicable
  • (Optional) Details of any preferred or opposed reviewers (name and email address)
  • If you have previously submitted the paper elsewhere, the previous referee comments and your responses
  • Manuscripts in press that are included in your reference list or mentioned in your cover letter

Please submit manuscripts to Diabetologia online at: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/diabetologia. Simple on-screen instructions are provided. Please note that there is no maximum word count for abstracts.
The Editorial Office will acknowledge receipt of all manuscripts by email.

Copyright transfer form

It is not necessary to fax a copyright transfer form at the time of submission – this will be sent to the corresponding author of an accepted paper with the proofs.

Submissions for the News section

Please contact the EASD: e-mail secretariat@easd.org

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