50 Years Forward

August 2015 cover

To celebrate our golden anniversary, we commissioned a group of innovative and provocative commentaries looking 50 years into the future. When we invited writers to contribute we encouraged them to hypothesise and conceptualise, challenging them to embrace ‘blue sky, left field, out of the box thinking’! The articles were then peer reviewed and are now part of this special edition.

Bo Ahrén Frank Booth Philippe Halban Alison Iroz
Creative use of novel glucose-lowering drugs for type 2 diabetes: where will we head in the next 50 years? Bo Ahrén The erosion of physical activity in Western societies: an economic death march Frank Booth and John Hawley 50 years forward: beta cells Philippe Halban Hepatokines: unlocking the multi-organ network in metabolic diseases Alison Iroz, Jean-Pierre Couty and Catherine Postic
Steven Kahn Mark McCarthy Juris Meier Michael Roden
Medications for type 2 diabetes: how will we be treating patients in 50 years? Steven E. Kahn and John B. Buse Genomic medicine at the heart of diabetes management Mark I. McCarthy Incretin-based therapies: where will we be 50 years from now? Juris J. Meier, Michael A. Nauck Future of muscle research in diabetes: a look into the crystal ball Michael Roden
Nicholas D F Russell Casper Schalkwijk Patrick Schrauwen Frans Schuit
50 years forward: mechanisms of hyperglycaemia-driven diabetic complications Nicholas D. F. Russell, Mark E. Cooper Vascular AGE-ing by methylglyoxal: the past, the present and the future Casper G. Schalkwijk The future of brown adipose tissues in the treatment of type 2 diabetes Patrick Schrauwen, Wouter D. van Marken Lichtenbelt, Bruce M. Spiegelman Comparative genomics: beyond the horizon of the next research grant Frans Schuit