November 2013

November 2013 cover

The cover shows a three-dimensional image of lymphocytic infiltration of a pancreatic islet in the NOD mouse with perilesional and perivascular gliosis. Islet Schwann (glial) cells and processes are stained in white, blood vessels in red and nuclei in green. NOD mice have a condition resembling type 1 diabetes with insulitis caused by lymphocytic infiltration. In the present issue of Diabetologia, Tang et al report that the reactive cellular responses of islet Schwann cells and pericytes in early/moderate insulitis demonstrate plasticity. This suggests a stop-gap mechanism consisting of the two cell types in association with the islet lesion and vasculature that is initiated in response to injury.

Cover credit: Yu-Chen Chiu and Shiue-Cheng (Tony) Tang,

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